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Why will some Google Goals not pass to Google AdWords when ported?

posted this on October 09, 2012 03:50 PM

When you port goals into Google AdWords from Google , you need to have at least one goal completion in order for AdWords to display the Google goal as a possible goal to port. That means AdWords will not be able to copy the goal from Google if the goal has not yet generated a conversion. 

In a similar way, if there is no keyword data associated with a goal, the goal will not pass to AdWords. This is usually the case with phone call conversions, as a keyword is not always attached to a call. With vendors such as, the calls may be recorded in , but will not always show in AdWords. Since all goal completions in AdWords always trace back to a keyword, their system is not able to show goals without having a matching keyword available. This is one of the reasons why goal completion numbers in and Adwords do not always completely match.

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