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Why is my Adwords PPC Data not Showing in Google ?

posted this on October 16, 2012 02:29 pm

The most likely cause of missing all AdWords data from Google is that your clicks from AdWords are not "tagged". Without tagged links, Google cannot identify where website traffic is coming from (in this case, Google cannot identify that traffic is coming from Paid Search campaigns).

Google AdWords typically automatically tags your AdWords campaigns, but it is possible that auto-tagging could be disabled in your account. Follow the steps below to turn AdWords Auto-tagging back on in order to see Google AdWords/Paid Search data in Google for the future.


     1. Log in to your account. (If you are logging in via an MCC (My Client Center) account, pick the client from the dropdown).
     2. Under "My Account", click "Preferences

     3. In your preferences, under "Tracking", enable "auto-tagging" 


And your Google AdWords data will now show up in Google for all future campaigns!


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