About Us

“BringShare saves you time, money and frustration by providing an easier way to create marketing dashboards and reports. It has been the key to building our own agency efficiently and is helping a lot of agencies do the same.”

- Justin Spring, Co-Founder

Our Founders

Justin Spring

Danielle Walton

Justin and Danielle founded a digital marketing agency called Adept Marketing in 2007. Adept is now one of the fastest growing agencies in the United States serving clients like The Ohio State University and Grange Insurance.

Adept’s success was built on a dedication to results and transparency, which typically requires a lot of time-consuming report creation. To scale Adept efficiently while staying true to its values, Justin and Danielle knew they’d need to find a better way to handle reporting.

In 2010, Justin and Danielle launched BringShare, the first reporting tool for agencies on the market. Since then, BringShare has helped hundreds of agencies in multiple countries generate reports efficiently.

An All-new BringShare in 2015

“Today there are several tools on the market for client reporting. In order to ensure BringShare is the best, we solicited feedback from over 200 agencies and completely redesigned our product. The industry has changed a lot since we pioneered the reporting space in 2010 and our new platform is the right tool at the right time.”

- Danielle Walton, Co-founder

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