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What are "Daily Uniques" or "Daily Unique Visitors"?

posted this on December 06, 2011 06:17 pm

Applications and services have a tendency to look at "Unique Visits" in a variety of complicated ways. BringShare simplifies this process by always giving you "Daily Uniques". This is the number of "first timers" you have to your website by day. 

For example, if a visitor looks at your website Monday morning and comes back to look again Monday afternoon, you have 2 total "Visits" and 1 "Daily Unique Visit". If that same user came back the next day, they would again be a "Daily Unique Visit", but this time for Tuesday. When you have Monday and Tuesday selected in your date range for BringShare, you would see a total of 2 "Daily Unique Visits"

Google tracks "Unique Visits" by date range. This means that if the scenario above happened, the date range that you have selected would determine the amount of "Unique Visits" you had. If you had just the first day or just the second day selected,  you would see 1 "Unique Visit". If you had the first and second day selected, you would still see just 1 "Unique Visit".

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