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I am not an "ecommerce" website. Would BringShare still work for me?

posted this on Sep 28 03:32 pm

Yes! Though we have a solid membership of ecommerce users, ta very good number of our members are actually what we call “leads-based”. This means that successful marketing online is measured in the completion of goals, not necessarily sales online (though these success measures typically lead to sales further down the line.)

A goal can be anything from a user filling out a contact form, joining an email list, making a reservation, completing a quote request, clicking a button or viewing a page. Whatever actions make the most sense for you and your company. A good example is an appointment request form or a quote request

Not only will BringShare work for you, but we have an entire version of the product designed for you specifically! You will specify what type of user you are during the integration process.


BringShare is internet marketing software that makes it incredibly simple to track your digital marketing efforts. We mash all your marketing together into concise, beautiful dashboards and present your data in a way for you to get the most out of your and time. Beyond that, our internet marketing dashboards can be converted to marketing reports in seconds, allowing you to bypass hours of manual work and focus on further strategies to grow business.