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How do I remove an integration from BringShare if I connect with the wrong account?

Cassandra Nino
posted this on May 16 04:56 pm

If you happen to integrate the wrong account (, Adwords, Social Media, Email) with your BringShare account, let us know and we will help with that! Use the following instructions to inform us which integration you would like removed:

1. Create a new ticket (

2. Include:

        a. Subject: "Remove BringShare Integration"

        b. Description : Which integration you would like removed (, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Email)

        c. Description: The username of the account you would like the integration to be removed from

Your integration will then be removed as soon as possible and you will be notified of the removal. Once you have received notice from us that your integration has been removed, log back into your BringShare account. Then go to your settings and make the correct integration. From there, the data for the new integration will populate within 24 hours! 


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