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ROI and CPA Setup: How do I set up my ROI and CPA calculations?

posted this on May 30, 2013 02:08 PM

BringShare calculates CPA and ROI data with the cost information we pull into BringShare (Google AdWords spend), as well as the additional costs you manually enter that are associated with each channel.


How do I set up the additional costs I have associated with each channel?

1) Log in to your BringShare account

2) On every dashboard, you will see your BringShare CPA, ROI and Conversion Rate Calculator. Click "edit" next to the calculator.

3) When you click edit, you'll see a box pop up prompting you to enter any additional expenses associated with each marketing channel you have set up in BringShare. Enter your monthly additional costs now.


A couple of things to know about the BringShare CPA, ROI and Conversion Rate Calculator:

  • In order to calculate your return on investment (ROI) or cost per acquisition (CPA), we need to know how much you spend on each channel, after the cost of the ads themselves (Bringshare automatically pulls in Google AdWords spend if this channel is integrated).
  • Once you enter a monthly costs, BringShare automatically assumes that is the set monthly cost for all months moving forward, unless you edit it.
  • You can edit monthly costs at any time and it will retroactively affect data.
    • This means if you forget to update a cost , you can edit it and all of the calculations and resulting will be based on the new cost information you enter.
  • The value you enter will be converted to daily cost in order for you to be able to view different time spans.
    •  This ensures that regardless of the date range you're viewing, you will always have an accurate CPA and ROI.
  • Conversion Rate information is not affected by costs data because the conversion rate calculation only involves conversion (for leads account), transactions (for ecommerce accounts) and visit information.