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SEO Setup: How do I connect Google Webmaster Tools with BringShare?

Cassandra Nino
posted this on November 18, 2013 11:54 AM

BringShare provides  you with the ability to easily integrate with Google Webmaster Tools to get a better understanding of your SEO efforts. Use the step-by-step below to easily integrate your BringShare accounts with Google Webmaster Tools.


Step1) Navigate to your Settings

  1. Log in to your BringShare account
  2. Click "settings" in the upper right hand corner 
  3. Click "Search Engine Optimization" under Channels
  4. Select “Google Webmaster Tools” (screenshot below)


Step 2) Adding BringShare as Restricted User

  1. Click "Connect Account" under Google Webmaster Tools (see screenshot above)
  2. You will be dropped into a page that looks like the screenshot below. Click “Login to your Google Webmaster Tools account”. (see image below)
  3. You will need to authorize the following address as a “restricted user” on the client account you wish to integrate: [email protected]

      • Once in your Google Webmaster Tools account click “Manage Site” to the far right 
      • From the drop down click “Add or Remove users”


      • Click “ADD A NEW USER” in the top right of the page

      • Enter "[email protected]" into the box for "User Email"
      • Select "Restricted" from the "Permission" drop down
      • Click "Add"

       4. Return to the prompted box within BringShare and click “I added [email protected](see image 2)


Step 3) Select the Google Webmaster Tools account you recently provided access to

  1. Using the dropdown, select the correct Google Webmaster Tools website to track (screenshot below)
  2. Click "Choose Site" 


Now you have successfully integrated this account with Google Webmaster Tools! If you have any questions you can always reach the BringShare Support team by email at [email protected]




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