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What are "Branded" vs "Nonbranded" Keywords and why is it beneficial to view traffic and conversions/revenue this way?

posted this on Oct 08 05:15 pm

The BringShare SEO Dashboard Allows you to easily  view what portion of traffic is being generated from brand nonbranded ed and sources.

  • Branded keywords should be set up to be any variation of your brand name (singular/plural, misspellings, abbreviated versions, etc.). 
    • For example, “Google ” would include “Google”, “Gooogle”, “google tracking”, “Googgle”, “google .com”, “google ”, “goggle ” and any other common misspellings as branded terms 
  • Non-branded keywords would be keywords that have nothing to do with your name brand. 
    • For example, "website tracking", "website ", "tracking site " could all be keywords that drive traffic to the Google site, but they do not include their name brand.
  • Being able to easily differentiate between branded and nonbranded keywords gives you a better idea of the level of engagement a user has with your brand before they have landed on your site from search. If they are searching specifically for you and your brand, there is some intention and increased engagement there -does that reflect in their on-site ? If a visitor is searching for a particular product or service, this can be great insight into which products/services your potential clients have higher interest in. Looking at your ratio of branded vs nonbranded can also be a good way to analyze how your SEO efforts are paying off. If your graphs are heavier on the branded side, perhaps it's time to ramp up those SEO efforts for nonbranded terms.


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