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Email Setup: Do I need multiple MailChimp or Constant Contact accounts -1 for each of my clients or can I integrate with a single account for all of my clients?

posted this on Jun 19 09:51 am

You can do either. If you have a MailChimp or Constant Contact account that you only use for one specific client, you'll be able to integrate with that account and you're then good to go!

However, if you run multiple client's campaigns through a single MailChimp or Constant Contact account, you'll have to set up the filter technology to ensure that only your client's campaigns are filtered from your email provider into each specific BringShare. client account. 


Here are some more specifics on how to use your email filter in BringShare:

The email filter allows you to only include emails that contain a certain keyword in the email/campaign name (not subject). This functionality is particularly useful if you use one email provider account for multiple clients.

For example, if you send emails for a multitude of franchised restaurants, you can use the city name as a way to filter out the emails you sent to other locations. Simply type in the name of the city, for example “Columbus”, and only emails that contain the word “Columbus” will remain on your Email Marketing Dashboard. This allows you to keep your email marketing dashboard data specific to each client.

A few things about the functionality:

  • It is case-sensitive. That means that “Columbus” will omit different results than “columbus”
  • Anytime you add a new word, the filter refreshes
  • If you currently do not differentiate between client emails within your MailChimp or Constant Contact account, you may need to change your processes to ensure there is a unique keyword you use in every email name (not the subject) so that you're able to leverage this technology in BringShare

The email filter settings are located within the "email" section of your settings.