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Why do some of my BringShare (impressions, clicks, etc.) vary slightly from what I see in Google AdWords?

posted this on Jun 26 11:17 am

As a reporting tool, BringShare pulls data into our system every day. We do not pull data in near-real-time, as analysis tools such as Google AdWords do.

BringShare updates your AdWords data on a daily basis to account for issues like invalid traffic and cookied visitors, while Google AdWords updates their data at various points throughout the day. This means there may be some minor discrepancies between the data you view in Google AdWords and data you view in BringShare.

To combat this and give you the most accurate data possible for reporting, BringShare does re-pull Google AdWords data for the previous 30 days every day. 

This means that when you notice a minor discrepancy in the number of impressions, clicks, etc. you see in Google AdWords vs BringShare, this is likely caused by the reporting discrepancy (AdWords presents data within 3 hours, while BringShare refreshes data daily in order to provide reporting stability). 

If you do see data discrepancies for a date range that is within 30 days of the current day, this is the cause. In this case, in 24 hours or less, BringShare will repull the previous 30 days worth of AdWords data and your data will match the next day.


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