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Why does my Paid Search data vary slightly from the Master Dashboard to the Paid Search Dashboard?

posted this on Oct 16 03:42 pm

Your Paid Search data on the Master Dashboard is powered by Google . This way, you can compare Google Paid Search data side-by-side with Google data for your other marketing channels and come up with a grand total that is consistent with what you would see in Google . 

Your Paid Search data on the Paid Search Dashboard is powered by Google AdWords. This is how BringShare is able to supply you with the most powerful, robust set of paid search out there.

Though we  keep data consistent throughout the Paid Search Dashboard and throughout the Master Dashboard, since they are powered by separate places, totals may vary slightly. This is completely normal.

However, if you do not see Paid Search data at all on the Master Dashboard, but you do see data on your Paid Search dashboard, there might be a problem with your Google AdWords account. Click here to learn how to troubleshoot your Google AdWords Campaign tagging so that data is avaiable in Google .


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