Account Creation: What is the difference between the two profile types (leads and e-Commerce)?

Trevor -

A leads-based website, in a very general sense, is a website that does not have a shopping cart on it. With a leads website, money is not generated on the site, but further into the process. These types of sites are typically created to be informative or educational instead of created to generate revenue on the spot. These sites are instead  used to generate some other type of action, such as filling out a form or generating a phone call. If the primary purpose of your website is to do something other than collect money right away, you should select the leads profile type.
Since a leads website does not base its business on generating revenue on-site, effectiveness is measured in conversions instead of revenue.
- A marketing firm
- A dentist
- A law firm
- A blog
An e-Commerce websites would be almost anything that has a shopping cart on site. Have a store that sells t-shirts or baseball bats? That's e-Commerce. If I can view a product, add it to my shopping cart and pay you -all within your own website, you should select the e-Commerce profile type.
Because an e-Commerce website bases much of its business on revenue generated onsite, effectiveness is measured by revenue and dollars instead of conversions.
- A t-shirt store
- A baseball bat store
- An online book store
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  • Trevor

    Still not sure if you're Leads or e-Commerce? Ask here and we'll get back to you asap!

  • Phillip

    Confused here. How do you specifically track conversions though under the Leads Label? Do you install a script, further define a specific link, how do you do this?

  • Trevor

    Goals in BringShare are pulled from your Google data. Any of the goals you have created in your Google account under "Goal Set 1" will appear in BringShare. That means no further effort on your part if you already have goals set up. If you don't, BringShare has created this video on how to set up goals in Google and BringShare to help you get started.  Within BringShare, you can then select one, multiple or none of your goals to quickly compare.

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