What does the "Add Google Data to My Emails" button on the Email Dashboard mean?

Trevor -

One of BringShare's cooler features is that we allow you to track your email marketing performance from email open all the way to conversion. In order to make this to work without problems, you need to add your Google tracking data to each email. This way, you understand what traffic comes from what email. We've created a nifty video to give you a better understanding of how to do this that you can check out here.

BringShare is internet marketing software that makes it incredibly simple to track your digital marketing efforts. We mash all your marketing together into concise, beautiful dashboards and present your data in a way for you to get the most out of your and time. Beyond that, our internet marketing dashboards can be converted to marketing reports in seconds, allowing you to bypass hours of manual work and focus on further strategies to grow business.
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