SEO Search Engines: On my SEO dashboard in the 'Search Engines' tab, what are Yandex, Baidu, Terra, Mamma and Seznam?

Trevor -

Yandex, Baidu, Terra, Mamma and Seznam are all search engines. Depending on what article you read and when, Google performs  roughly 65% of internet searches, with Bing and Yahoo each performing  around 15% each. That leaves 5% of the worlds search being performed by smaller search engines. 

Some of these engines are more language friendly (Baidu is in Chinese, Terra in Spanish and Seznam in Czech), while others serve smaller, more niche markets. 5% may not seem like much, but sometimes these smaller search engines can provide some surprising insights. If you find you're receiving a decent amount of traffic from these sites, it may be time to dig a bit deeper.


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