Setting Gmail as Default Browser Email Client

Cassandra Nino -

Step 1:

Open up Gmail in Google Chrome and click on this icon overlapping-diamonds that is located to the far right in the address bar.  If you do not see this icon, move to step 3 for further instruction.



Step 2: 

If you've clicked on the overlapping-diamonds icon you will be asked to "Allow Gmail (or your company's gmail account) to open all email links?".  Click on "Use Gmail (or your company's gmail account)" and click "Done".  This will set Gmail as your default email client.  You're now don, No need to complete the remaining steps.


Step 3: 

If you did not see the icon overlapping-diamonds, please click on the Google Chrome menu icon in the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser.  It looks like this: chrome-menu-1.  Then scroll down and click on "settings".


Step 4:


Scroll down and click the link that says "Show Advanced Settings" at the bottom of the page.  Then, under the "Privacy" header, click on the "Content Settings" button.


Step 5:

In the "Content Settings" window, scroll down to the "Handlers" section and click the button that says "Manage Handlers".  From there, simply select Gmail (or your company's gmail account name) from the mailto dropdown and click "done".  Now you're good to go!

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