How do I format my phone number to upload calls?

Cassandra Nino -

1. Starting with your excel sheet resembling below:


You will need to select the entire column of phone numbers.

2. Once the row is selected, you will then need to hit “command” and “F” on your keyboard to bring up the search function. Once the find box has popped up, you will then have to find any parentheses or dashes and remove them.

  • To do this, you have to remove them one at a time.
  • With the Find box open, you will enter “(” in the “Find What:” box. Then click “Replace…”
  • You will leave “Replace With:” empty, and then click “Replace All”. This will remove all left bracket parentheses.

3. You will then need to repeat to remove the right bracket parentheses, and then again to remove any hyphens.

4. Your list of phone numbers should now look like the image below- just numbers, no () or -.



5. With your column of phone numbers still selected, click Format and then Cells.

6. With the Format Cells screen showing you will need to go to Custom, and in “Type:” box you will need to enter:


7. Select “Ok”, and now your phone numbers will be formatted.


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