Paid Search Setup: How do I set up Paid Search Call Tracking?

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In order for BringShare to work with any call tracking software you have set up with your clients, we allow you to upload an excel spreadsheet of calls. BringShare takes everything from there, sorting by date/source and even allows you to exclude calls less than a certain number of seconds in order for your agency to omit junk leads.


Step-by-Step Setup Instructions:

1) Sign into BringShare and navigate to your Paid Search Dashboard

2) Click "Import Call Tracking Data"

3) Click "Download Excel Formatting Template"

5) Copy/Paste your data from your 3rd party call tracking software, ensuring you are using the correct format to avoid any issues

  • To learn more about formatting your data to avoid issues, check out our data format FAQ.
  • If you do have issues uploading data, the format of your document is likely to be the cause

6) Navigate back to BringShare and click "Choose" to select your newly set up excel doc

7) Fill out  the"Exclude calls less than BLANK seconds" section

  • Note: This section excludes any calls shorter than the specified duration added to the box below. This can be a quick/easy way to exclude "junk" phone call leads.
  • For example, if a phone call lasts less than 5 seconds (or whatever you prefer), you know the action you were looking to complete via that phone call could not have been completed. Entering "5" into the exclusion box will ensure any phone calls that are less than 5 seconds are not counted in your BringShare Dashboard

8) Click Upload and your phone call data is now present in the "Phone" tab of your Paid Search Dashboard!




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