SEO Setup: What are branded keywords?

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The BringShare SEO Dashboard's "Traffic Breakdown" tab (screenshot below) allows you to easily  view what portion of traffic to your client's site is being generated from branded and nonbranded searches. In order to view this information on your dashboard in the most accurate way possible, you must first set up branded keywords for your client account in the BringShare SEO settings.

So, what is a branded keyword?

Branded keywords are any keywords that include your client's brand name, or a brand name product. Basically, if a search engine user knows they are searching for your client's website in particular, they are typically using a branded keyword.

In your BringShare SEO settings, branded keywords should be set up to be any variation of your brand name (singular/plural, misspellings, abbreviated versions, etc.).

For example, “Google ” would include “Google”, “Gooogle”, “google tracking”, “Googgle ”, “google .com”, “google ”, “goggle ” and any other common misspellings as branded terms.

What is the easiest way to find and enter all of my branded keywords variants into BringShare?

Since it can sometimes become a very manual process to identify any and all branded keywords for your client, BringShare has set up a blog post to help you identify your branded keywords with a few simple steps in Google



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