Facebook Setup: Why do I see an odd error message when setting up Facebook?

Trevor -

When you integrate a client account with BringShare, it is possible you could see an error message similar to the one below from Facebook.

This error occurs from Facebook when an agency attempts to integrate via their white label url (YourAgency.reportingplace.com), rather than their BringShare admin url (bringshare.com/YourAgency).

Your admin url: bringshare.com/YourAgency is designed to work regardless of new security or privacy updates that partners like Facebook or Google release at any given time.

Your white label url: YourAgency.reportingplace.com - is set up to be the url you can send over to your clients and use for generating reports. This url should not be used to edit your settings. (note: clients do not have access to their settings with their single-account logins, only agency master accounts do).


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