How are internet marketing reports generated with BringShare?

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In BringShare, you can report on your SEO, Social Media, or Paid Search data for any date range in seconds.  With two different ways to create reports, you can easily generate reports directly from the dashboard or create a custom report. Each reporting method comes with three options for generating the report; Publish, PDF and Print.

1) To create a report from the dashboard, all you have to do is select the internet marketing dashboard you would like to generate a report from, ensure the date range is the date range you would like to report on, and click "Print", "PDF" or "Publish". You will find these buttons in the upper right hand corner of each dashboard.





2) To create a report using the Custom Report Builder, simply click on the "Custom Report Builder" button located to the right of the dashboard titles. Here you can select multiple dashboards to include into your report as well as add additional images, notes and excel data tables. 


3) Generate your BringShare report using one of the three options below:

  • Clicking "Print" allows you to instantaneously print your internet marketing report.
  • Clicking "Publish" will generate a unique url that will allow you to send your client a report via email.
  • Clicking "PDF" will automatically download a PDF to your computer for easy sending and/or printing later!


BringShare for Agencies is a white label product that allows marketing agencies to replace manual reporting with simple, beautiful internet marketing dashboard. The SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media and Paid Search Dashboard can easily be turned into internet marketing reports with a click of a button -simply print, PDF or Publish your digital marketing dashboards and in an instant, you have an internet marketing report for any date range!

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