Email Setup: How do I set up the BringShare Email Filter?

Trevor -

If you're using one MailChimp account to send out emails for multiple clients, you will need to set up the BringShare email filter in order to ensure that the correct data will be displayed.


Step 1)

The filter does not work at the subject level. The system filters out the keyword from the Campaign Name given to each individual campaign and only uses those. 

So, for instance if your campaign was titled similar to that in the image below and you added your clients name "Name" to the end of all of your campaigns (which is for internal use), you could use that as your filter. "Name" would be added to the filter and would then only include those, so you would exclude "Name" from your test campaigns. 



Step 2)

Log in  to MailChimp and go to the automation tab on the left hand side.  Make sure that you have a unique keyword for each client in the email name (not subject) when you are sending automated emails.  This will allow you to filter information for each client in BringShare by using one keyword to correspond to each client.  


Step 3) 

Now that you have a specific keyword in the email name corresponding to a client, log in to BringShare and click on settings in the top right corner of the screen.


Step 4)

After you are in settings, click on the email tab on the left side of the screen.  This will bring up the email settings.  Once your MailChimp account is connected, you can type the keyword corresponding to the client whose data you wish to show into the keyword filter box.  This will allow BringShare to properly filter the information to represent the data only for the client(s) you wish.


A few things about the functionality:

  • It is case-sensitive. That means that “Columbus” will omit different results than “columbus”
  • Anytime you add a new word, the filter refreshes
  • If you currently do not differentiate between client emails within your MailChimp account, you may need to change your processes to ensure there is a unique keyword you use in every email name (not the subject) so that you're able to leverage this technology in BringShare



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