SEO Setup: How do I set up the Branded Keyword filter in BringShare?

Trevor -

The ""Traffic Breakdown" and "GWT: Top Queries" tabs on the SEO dashboard allow you to view how your traffic breaks down on a Branded vs Non-branded level, but you need to set up your branded keyword first to fully-utilize this tab.

To set up your branded keyword filter in BringShare, you simply need to log in to your account and navigate to the settings. From there, click "Search Engine Optimization" and add any branded keyword variants into your settings (screenshot explaining this is below).

Enter in the branded keywords you wish BringShare to exclude as Branded, you will only need to enter in a few as the system will automatically match all keywords that include your variants. Therefore, if you enter in "Bring Share" - the system will include "Bring Share reports", Bring Share", "Bring Share white label" and any other variation with those two words included as branded keywords. 

Also, entering a url string will help filter out additional keywords. By entering in "" - the system will include "",". So, by removing the beginning text to your site, the system will find any url string that has that exact match located within it.

As a note, once you add branded keywords to your settings, this will affect not only any keywords being pulled into the system in the future, but also any previous keywords that are displayed as well. In other words, this settings update will retroactively update your data.




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