Google AdWords Setup: How do I connect my BringShare account with Google AdWords?

Trevor -

When integrating with AdWords, you can integrate with a single-client AdWords account or an MCC account. Integrating your BringShare account with Google AdWords is incredibly simple and the BringShare system prompts you through the integration process, but if you're interested in learning more about how BringShare integrates with Google AdWords, check out the mapped out steps below:


Step1) Navigate to your Google AdWords Settings

  1. Log in to your BringShare account
  2. Click "settings" in the upper right hand corner 
  3. Click "Paid Search"  under Channels (screenshot below)


Step 2) Authorize Google AdWords

  1. Click "+Add Now" under your Google AdWords (also in the screenshot above)
  2. You will be dropped in a page that looks like the screenshot below. Enter the email and password for the Google AdWords account that has access to your Google AdWords profile that you would like to integrate with BringShare
    • Note: if you are not dropped into the screen below, it is because you are currently logged into another gmail account
      • Move to #3 if the account you see is the correct account that you would like to integrate with
      • If you do not want to integrate with that account, click your username in the upper right hand corner, then click the "Sign out" button in the lower right hand corner of the popup
  3. Click "Allow access" to integrate.


Step 3) Select the Google AdWords profile that you would like to track

  1. Using the dropdown, select the correct Google AdWords profile
  2. Click "Choose Profile"
    • Note: the profile dropdown is searchable, so it is advantageous to search and integrate by client id to ensure a proper integration.
And you're officially set up with Google AdWords tracking in BringShare! Need further assistance? Feel free to contact the amazing BringShare support team. We would love to help!
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