Custom Report Builder 2.3: Pasting Excel Data Tables

Cassandra Nino -

 Easily copy and paste Excel data into the custom report. Use this feature to include external data that you want to include, but may not be found within the BringShare dashboard. 


Pasting Excel Data Tables

1) Copy the data you wish to bring over from Excel



2) Within the custom report, click the "Paste Excel Data Table" button


3) Paste the copied Excel data into the section of the image below

4) Add a Title to the Excel data (screen shot below)

5) Write a description of the data included within the copied Excel data (screen shot below)

6) To make the first row of your data table the header, select the corresponding check box (screen shot below)


The Excel data has successfully been loaded into the BringShare custom report!

Note: The excel table above is simply used for sample purposes. All of the data shown above can be found within the BringShare dashboard. 

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