Custom Report Builder 3.1: Generating Custom Reports

Cassandra Nino -

BringShare offers three ways to generate custom reports. You can choose to print the report, make a PDF or create a URL. Each is described further below.


Generating Custom Reports


1) URL - By clicking the URL button, a white label link will be generated to which you can send to clients.

  • This link remains active for 30 days then will expire after that 30 day time limit
  • The link is completely interactive, so clients can interact with graphs and drop downs (they will not be able to change the date ranges or settings).

2) PDF - Create a PDF version of your report to send to clients by click the PDF button  centered in the screen shot above.

3) Print - Use the Print button to develop a traditional print copy of the report to hand to your clients.


Create and send a beautiful custom report to your clients!



BringShare is internet marketing software that makes it incredibly simple to track your digital marketing efforts. We mash all your marketing together into concise, beautiful dashboards and present your data in a way for you to get the most out of your and time. Beyond that, our internet marketing dashboards can be converted to marketing reports in seconds, allowing you to bypass hours of manual work and focus on further strategies to grow business.

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