Call Tracking: We use for phone call tracking. Can I download data from our system to upload into BringShare?

Trevor -

The answer is yes! And it's pretty simple.

1) When you navigate to download a report of your phone calls, simply select the following (screenshot below):

  • for Date format, select "MM/DD/YYY"
  • for Phone format, select "###-###-####" 
  • for Time Format, select "HH.MM.SS"
  • for Export format, select "xls"
  • for Fields to Export (included fields), select "Customer #", "Duration" and "Date"
2) Click "Build a Report"
3) Open up your new excel file of call data. Double check all data looks accurate and change the header "Call #" to display "Phone Number" instead.
4) Upload to BringShare!


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