Paid Search: How do I view "many-per-click" data in Google AdWords?

Cassandra Nino -

The instructions below address another forum post explaining how BringShare pulls and displays conversions. You can view the detailed forum post on BringShare conversions here: "Why do conversions in Google AdWords vary slightly from what I see in my BringShare report?" .

For BringShare ecommerce accounts, the conversion data is displayed as "many-per-click" conversions. This is due to the fact that multiple conversions for ecommerce clients typically means multiple transactions.

The instructions below walk you through how you can view the "many-per-click" data in Google AdWords:


1. In Google AdWords choose the correct client account (via the correct client id and name).

2. Once you are viewing your accounts AdWords data, click the "Columns" dropdown.

        - From there, click "Customize columns" to reach the AdWords Column options available to view (screenshot below).

3. Under "Select metrics" click "Conversions".

4. When the box at the right appears, click "Add" next to "Conv. (many-per-click)".

5. Once you have chosen to add "Conv. (many-per-click)" scroll down to click "Apply" below (screenshot below).

6. You can now view "many-per-click conversions" in a column to the far right of your current data. 


Now, that you have Google Adwords set up to view "many-per-click" conversions you can view where the conversion data in BringShare is being pulled from.


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