January 12, 2012

Product Profile


09.12.2011– About BringShare

BringShare is an Internet-based tool designed to help marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses measure and evaluate their online marketing investments more efficiently and cost-effectively. BringShare was built with small companies in mind, but the company believes it will have applications for larger businesses as the product evolves.

BringShare is unique in the fact that it compiles all online marketing initiatives into a single, easy-to-comprehend view (or dashboard) and presents data in a way that makes it simple to identify which efforts provide the best return on investment, which approaches need to be modified, and those initiatives that aren’t paying off.

BringShare provides highly intuitive marketing performance metrics in a fraction of the time and related cost than it would take either manually or using other programs and methodologies. This affords anyone who measures marketing initiatives the ability to make better strategic use of their time as well as their marketing dollars.

How BringShare works

Simplicity is a key driver of BringShare’s platform. Anyone can begin evaluating their online marketing spend and performance metrics with two simple steps:
1. Connect all of your accounts (Google , Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, etc.) to your secure BringShare account
2. View dashboards showing results for each channel as well as a master dashboard showing all channels combined

BringShare subscribes to the “less is more” theory. The less complicated the tool is, the more effective it becomes for its users.

How to Leverage the Power of BringShare
Start with a free 30-day trial
Experience the full benefits of BringShare with our 30-day free trial. You will be able to see all your data in person and see how we track it for 30 days with no commitment required. With our free trial, you’ll have access to all of the dashboards included in full membership:
  • The Master Dashboard
  • The Paid Search Dashboard
  • The SEO Dashboard
  • The Social Media Dashboard
  • The Email Marketing Dashboard
  • The Website Performance Dashboard
  • The best customer support to get your account set up and tracking all of your marketing channels properly

Once you experience the amazing power of BringShare for free your first 30 days, it’s just $19/month and you can cancel anytime.

The benefits of BringShare

A smarter process makes for a smarter marketer
BringShare’s time-saving tool gives valuable time back to the marketing team so they can spend more time doing what they were hired to do in the first place. That in itself is smart, but BringShare also takes the guesswork out of determining what works and what doesn’t by providing a comprehensive, easy-to-understand picture of marketing, which makes any BringShare user a smarter marketer as they make informed decisions that grow market share.

Cost-effective measurement that truly impacts the bottom line
BringShare is offered at an affordable monthly rate to provide the perfect reporting solution and flexibility on a month-by-month basis. BringShare is priced at $19/month -less than the average cost of one billable hour of a mid-level marketing professional. And while we’ve all heard that you have to spend money to make money, we think a better proposition is spend less and make more.

Nothing to download and it’s totally secure
BringShare doesn’t require downloadable software – it exists securely on our servers. We love data, and we’ll protect yours as if it were our own. Here’s the proof: our state-of-the-art computer servers are protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. Our product software and infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our network is protected by an enterprise-class firewall and all BringShare plans include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

No long-term contracts, ever
We think you’ll love BringShare as much as we do and will want to stick around for the long haul, but we want that choice to be yours. Pay as you go and cancel at any time - that’s our approach with every BringShare subscriber.

Press Contact

Joel Kessel Phone: (614) 467-9083 Mobile: (773) 209-6125 [email protected]

News Facts

  • BringShare helps marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and their businesses measure and evaluate their online marketing investments more efficiently and cost effectively.
  • BringShare is the first Ohio company invited to present at the nearly 20-year-old DEMO conference, the world’s leading launch conference for emerging technologies.
  • BringShare takes the aggregation of marketing data a significant step further by mashing data together and presenting it in a way that makes it easier for businesses to make smarter decisions about their online marketing.
  • Marketers can spend 20 to 40 hours a month on manipulating data and tracking functions, whereas BringShare produces actionable in a matter of minutes.