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The Bringshare Story

We believe that reporting to clients should be simple, efficient and meaningful.

How it all started

Created for agencies by an agency, Bringshare evolved out of the frustration due to the time-suck that reporting to clients had become. Tracking the data, organizing the report and explaining the process was not easy, nor efficient.

We knew that there had to be a better way than powerpoints, spreadsheets and emails with long bullet point lists. But when we searched, we couldn’t find a better way.

So we made one.

What we are (& aren't)

We are not a data analysis tool for experts. We are not a replacement for Google Analytics or other data sources. Created for agencies, Bringshare simplifies reporting and increases actionable communication with clients. We are the solution that experts use to making complicated data and metrics easily digestible and viewable for your clients.

Welcome to the simplest way to track all your marketing efforts.