How is BringShare Different?

We're glad you asked.

There are a lot of tools out there that “aggregate” data from a bunch of random sites. If all you need is data aggregation, then what you really have is an ongoing and tedious intern project.

Other sites out there use the approach of “bringing tools together.”

But here’s the rub: everything is still segregated and isolated.

The only benefit to you is that the buckets of data are in one place.

{The other guys}

Everything is in a box independent of everything else.

BringShare’s approach trumps aggregation, and here’s how:

We don’t start with the “tools” that we want to get data from.

We start by building a dashboard that combines all the data together necessary to give you a complete understanding of your marketing.

Then, we connect the necessary tools to feed the dashboard with unique data.

Your time and marketing dollars are precious and valuable.

We get it. We’ve been there. And it’s why we created BringShare in the first place.

We're not interested in aggregating your data.

We want to put your data to work so you can make smarter marketing decisions.

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