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The SEO Dashboard

How much do you love putting together SEO reports? Probably not much or you wouldn't be here. We hate it too which is why we created the BringShare SEO Dashboard. Using our automated reports powered by Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, you'll have an automated foundation from which your SEO reports can be built every week or month. And the best part... it'll only take a few minutes (not hours).

The SEO Dashboard enables you to:

  • Generate extremely thorough SEO reports with a few clicks
  • Compare data from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools side-by-side
  • Save countless hours using the BringShare Custom Report Builder to completely customize you SEO reports

A look inside BringShare's Search Engine Optimization Dashboard

Put google organic keyword data back in your reports

Through an integration with Google Webmaster Tools (GW), BringShare pulls all of your search query (keyword) data into you account everyday. Using the awesome sorting, filtering and reporting tools in BringShare, you can use the data to generating meaningful and relevant reports.

Using the GWT data, you can easily generate reports showing changes in branded and non-branded search traffic as well as monitoring actual search engine rankings on high-volume keywords.

Keyword Data

Show changes in organic traffic volume and performance

Easily view which search engines are generating the most traffic and how each is performing over time.

Just hover the mouse over the in-line trend charts to see how metrics have changed over the last 6 months.

Search Engine Performance Summary

Easily view a list of top landing pages and how they perform

An extremely important part of any SEO campaign is understanding which pages get the most incoming traffic and how they perform in contributing to a conversion. The BringShare “Top Landing Pages” report makes it easy to monitor all of the important pages and how they are improving in performance over time.

Landing Pages

View Moz data automatically included in all BringShare accounts. Track you MOZrank, Domain and Page authority and Top Links within the SEO Dashboard.

Convert you reports into interactive dashboards accessible to anyone with a link.

Publish Reports
Keywords Visits

Understand which keywords are actually affecting your bottom-line and driving traffic to your website from Yahoo and Bing

View Top 10 SEO Keywords by visits

View Top 10 SEO Keywords by Sales Revenue or Conversions

Easily organize and sort your top performing SEO keywords in BringShare’s top keyword table by SEO visits, daily unique visits and sales revenue/conversions