The Ideal Internet Marketing Dashboard

In a perfect world, you can have your cake and eat it too; that's our philosophy at BringShare. Our internet marketing dashboard is the perfect all-inclusive solution for tracking high-level performance on search engine optimization (SEO) progress, paid search (PPC) performance, social media growth, email marketing campaigns and website performance.

Did we mention that BringShare also tracks cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and call-tracking as well? We've only just begun, yet so far hundreds of marketers all over the globe are viewing their from our Google -integrated marketing dash.

As we continue to grow, we'll be listening to your feedback and product enhancement requests, adding new features and functionality to help you make the most of your marketing dollars. We know there is no end to innovation, only milestones along the way. We welcome you to join us on our mission to create the world's most intuitive and all-inclusive internet marketing dashboard. You're here already, but have you signed up yet?

What's in Our Dashboard?

What isn't? We've packed BringShare with each core channel of marketing to allow marketing managers, directors, and CMOs to have clear visibility to search, social, email and website performance, all in easy-to-read and understandable format.

The Natural Search Dashboard

The first tab in our online marketing dashboard is a favorite of enterprise businesses who typically generate the most revenue from inbound marketing. Bringshare's SEO Dashboard offers several important metrics, tables and graphs, including:

  • Traffic from natural search
  • Conversions from natural search
  • A table for tracking and comparing rank of core keywords against competitor positions
  • Graphs for top natural search keywords (visits and conversions)
  • And more.

The Paid Search Dashboard

There are a million and one variables one might look at while optimizing an AdWords or AdCenter campaign, but the most important might be the 30-thousand foot view. Our PPC Dashboard focuses on metrics important to the person who writes the check for pay-per-click advertising, such as conversions, cost, and cost per conversion.

You'll also find:

  • Top performing campaigns
  • Top performing search vendors
  • Top performing keywords
  • And More
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The Social Media Dashboard

We're a fan of social media and social media is all about fans. Actually, social media marketing is more than just Likes and followers, particularly to the person who funds the marketing budget. That's why we've included conversions and conversion rates in our Social Media Dashboard, so you'll know with absolute certainty whether your social community manager is producing content that pulls in buyers as well as subscribers.

In the SMM dash, you will also find:

  • Top conversion-producing social channels (including Pinterest now)
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • Number of Facebook page "Likes"
  • And More

The Email Marketing Dashboard

Your email template looks great, no it really does. But does it convert? Sure you can see some data from your email provider, such as bounces, opens and clicks, but will your email program tell you how many conversions Email 1 generated versus Email 2? Not likely.

Our Email Marketing Dashboard pioneers web for organizations that have not yet had the means or expertise to capture action data from 3rd party email marketing providers. Bringshare offers all the data one would expect to see from their email broadcasting activity along with conversion data from Google .

So Much More

There are other tabs and features in your Bringshare internet marketing dashboard just waiting to be explored. Try us out absolutely free. Kick the tires, connect your Google and start seeing data like you've never seen it before. We're confident our dashboards will you the high-level insight you've been waiting for.