March 28, 2012

The New Social Media Dashboard – Less Talk. More Action.

The new social media dashboard was designed with the core BringShare philosophy in mind: “Less Talk. More Action.” We could have built a bloated social media dashboard with tons of data from all over the place but we kept our focus on only providing the data that matters and what can actually be used to improve your social media marketing efforts. Frankly, we think we nailed it.

“How is social media as a whole impacting my business?”

Boom! Introducing the “Total Performance Section.” This section sums all of your data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others to give you the complete picture of how social media is impacting your business.

“How do social networks compare? Should I be focusing my marketing on more than Facebook & Twitter?”

Bam! Introducing the Social Media comparison tab. This page shows you the total and daily total for all the actionable metrics broken down by each social network.

Visits: Which social network is driving the most visitors? Which one is growing or declining? Why might this be?

Sales or Conversions:

Which social network is driving the most sales or goal conversions? Are there any trends indicating changes or impact from my efforts?

Visit Value:

Which social network visitors are worth more to me? I should put more effort where my high-value visitors are coming from.

Conversion Rate:

Which social network is driving the most quality traffic? What are my trends in conversion rate and how do they relate to my social media activities?

“Can I get more specific data about my Facebook page and how it relates to my website traffic?”

Boom! Bam! Introducing the Facebook tab on the Social Media dashboard. This is where you’ll see all of your key engagement metrics from your Facebook account and we even mash that up with your Google data on one graph so you can see the direct impact of your facebook engagement with your website engagement.

“What about Twitter?”

Tweet! Introducing the Twitter tab on the Social Media dashboard. With this tab, you can keep track of your Twitter follower growth trend. Does it dip at any point? If so, what did you do to scare people away? Did it spike on any day? What did you do that was so great? This will give you the insight to know what to do more of and what to avoid. Plus, we show you how much traffic you are getting from twitter and how many sales/conversions that traffic is generating.

And last but certainly not least, BringShare makes it easy to understand your social media ROI. Just tell us your estimated costs for your social media efforts and we’ll give you an ROI for any date range you specify. Cool, right?

If you haven’t tried BringShare yet, sign up now! It’s free for 30 days with no credit card required.

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