February 1, 2012

Justin’s Quora Answer Rampage Round Up (Week of January 30)

Our CoFounder and CEO, Justin Spring, is passionate about helping people manage their marketing reporting and optimization. He found an outlet for his “good deeds” through BringShare and Quora. We thought it would be helpful to round up all of Justin’s Quora answers each week and share them with the BringShare community. What are some [...]

January 24, 2012

Top 10 Marketing Pet Peeves - Did we miss any?

All BringShare members have at least one thing in common, we love marketing. Odds are that our commonalities don’t stop there. This post is our attempt to make light of the pet peeves to which all marketers can probably relate. If we’ve missed any obvious ones, please add your own in the comments. 10- When [...]