January 24, 2012

Top 10 Marketing Pet Peeves - Did we miss any?

All BringShare members have at least one thing in common, we love marketing. Odds are that our commonalities don’t stop there. This post is our attempt to make light of the pet peeves to which all marketers can probably relate. If we’ve missed any obvious ones, please add your own in the comments.

10- When someone points out a “grammatical error” on your website.
Everyone knows marketing copy is not supposed to be grammatically correct if it doesn’t sound conversational! Well… marketers do.

9- When someone who has nothing to do with marketing stops by your office with a “fantastic marketing idea.” Bust out the fake smile and give them the old “Great idea! We’ll think about that.”

8- When the sales person goes rogue and develops their own direct mailer or brochure that is so far off-brand you wouldn’t send it if your life depended on it. The worst part - they probably created it in PowerPoint! Ugh!

7- Getting IT to make updates to the site within a 30 day window.

6 - The all too common, “Hey, my nephew does graphic design and he is really good. You should outsource some work to him.”

5 - When people say the word “tweet” and make quotation marks with their fingers. Are they implying that “tweet” isn’t the actual term or that they don’t want to be guilty of saying the word “tweet” on their own accord? Not sure but it’s funny nonetheless.

4 - When someone simplifies the ever increasingly complicated art of SEO down to the process of “just making sure you use the keyword a lot on each page.”

3 - The inevitable “Why don’t we have more facebook likes?”

2 - The super irrelavent and equally annoying, “Hey, I Googled [insert any random keyword] last night and we didn’t come up. Why is that?” Hmm.. do you have 20 minutes for me to answer that? We’ll also need a whiteboard and you’ll need to take notes so we don’t have this conversation again next Monday.

1 - And last but not least… “Hey… I need a sign made….” Get an intern!

Did we miss any pet peeves? Let us know in the comments!


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