August 20, 2012

Say Hello To More SEO

We know what you’re thinking. “Another upgrade to my BringShare Dashboards? Where do these people find the time to find all of these amazing digital data insights? How do they display all of my marketing measurement so that it all just makes sense?”

You’re right. It does sound too good to be true -but it’s not. The new Search Engine Optimization Dashboard provides you with all you could want and more. Check out our latest SEO upgrades in stats, insights and beautiful design:

Print and PDF Capability: Instantaneous SEO Reporting for any date range, anytime -with the click of a button

Let’s start off with the feature you have been asking for: our SEO dashboard includes the same Print and PDF Reporting functionality as our Paid Search Dashboard and Social Media Dashboard. All you have to do to get your SEO Report to send to a client or boss is click our easy “Print” or “PDF” buttons and voilà: your very own Search Engine Optimization Status Report (making you look like the incredibly impressive marketer you are -but with no obnoxious manual reporting effort).

And, as always, the BringShare SEO Dashboard will continue to include the automatic CPA, Conversion Rate and ROI Generator.

The “My Keywords” Section: SEO Trend Brilliance

When you check out the new SEO Dashboard, you’re dropped onto the “My Keywords” tab. Track your top 25 keywords and see how they perform in each of the top 3 search engines, and potentially more importantly, how that ranking translates to visits and sales. Click any specific keyword to show keyword ranking as it trends across time -by search engine and by the amount of visits and sales those keywords drive to your website.

The “Search Engines” Tab: Visits and Sales Driven by SEO in an Instant

After that initial blast of clarity, you can click over to the “Search Engines” tab. It has never been so clear which search engines drive the most -or the best traffic.

How do you know that your efforts to rank higher in Yahoo and Bing are actually work and paying off in visits and sales to your website? When SEO traffic spikes (or falls, for that matter -it happens), does it spike for all search engines or did it spike because of a new algorithm change (*cough, cough GOOGLE*). Your answers lie here.

The “Top Keywords” Tab: Visits and Sales Driven by SEO in an Instant

Ever wonder which keywords actually drive traffic to your site? It’s great to know you rank in the top 50, top 10 -or maybe you’re even ranked #1, but if that traffic doesn’t translate to sales or conversions, where are you really? This section of the BringShare SEO Dashboard allows you to easily compare the top 10 keywords that are driving traffic/visits to your website with the top 10 keywords that are driving sales on your site.

Branded vs. Unbranded vs. (not provided) Keyword Chart Analysis

After that, get a look at your big SEO picture: Branded vs Unbranded keywords (oh, and that tricky little “not provided” that Google threw into the mix not so long ago).

Understanding the portions of your traffic that are driven from Branded Keywords vs Non-branded keywords can give some pretty interesting insights. If you’re seeing the majority of your traffic from branded keywords, perhaps there is a need for you to open yourself up to a new audience and tweak your current SEO strategy to optimize further for terms that don’t include your company name. If all of your traffic is coming from nonbranded SEO keywords, perhaps you need to spend some time working on making your brand more well known -you obviously have the content people want!

p.s. For more info on that pesky (not provided), we did a blog entry awhile back that answers the question: How are the “(not provided)” keywords affecting my SEO data?

The “Competitors” Section: Helping you keep track of your progress vs. the pesky competition

And finally, keep tabs on the competition with the BringShare “Competitors” tab. Know instantaneously where you rank by individual SEO keyword against competitors. You can easily see your competitors and your own SEO rank for each keyword, as well as see how those ranks have changed within the date range you have selected.

For example, in the screenshot above, we can see that our SEO ranking for the term “detroit” is increasing in Bing, but decreasing in Google. We can also quickly glance to see that our competitor is trending in the same direction with us. Beyond that, it seems our competitor has higher ranking for our SEO terms in almost every search engine. Perhaps it’s time for us to take some further steps with SEO to get us in a position that allows us to outrank the competition.

So there you have it: Bringshare’s brand new, fantastic, splendiferous new Search Engine Optimization Dashboard. So what are you waiting for? Sign in to your BringShare Membership to see your data in amazing new ways.

BringShare is digital marketing software that pulls all of your digital marketing data into one convenient place, saving you time and money. Sign up to get started with your SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, Paid Search and Website Performance Dashboards. We make it easy to track all of your digital marketing in one place. Still need a BringShare Membership? Well you’re in luck. We offer a free thirty day BringShare Trial Membership.

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