July 23, 2012

BringShare Members Tell Their Story

BringShare members come in all forms: from retail ecommerce to agencies and authors. Our members may vary in their disciplines, but they all use BringShare in similar ways - to save them time, money and make them all around better marketers.

Learn more about what your fellow BringShare members do and how they leverage BringShare to simplify their online marketing.

The Green Internet Group 

The Green Internet Group helps businesses find, get and keep customers with targeted marketing that converts to sales.

The Green Internet Group’s approach is data-driven, with the focus on return-on-investment. Other factors include prioritizing based on a mix of: Importance to Customer, Cost to Implement, Feasibility, Cost Reduction, and Leverage (positive impact on other processes).

“BringShare gives us much better data - faster and more affordably.”

We save a ton of time both in preparing information for clients and in discussing it with them. No need to log into several social accounts, an email program, AdWords, Google and attempt to format a coherent report with what really matters - conversions. With a few clicks you have everything that is important. No more getting lost in the weeds - BringShare puts the focus on results.”

- Daniel Green, President, The Green Internet Group 

Brian Wilson - President at Wilson Advertising

At Wilson, mature brands are repositioned for new growth. By refocusing brand strategies, Wilson Advertising builds stronger connections between a brand and its core audiences. Some firms specialize in B2B or maybe digital - Wilson Advertising’s niche is people. At the end of the day, they use powerful storytelling to motivate people towards authentic, rekindled brand preference.

“BringShare is a huge time saver.”

“The all-in-one dashboard view is a huge time saver. But nothing beats their customer support and tech support. BringShare is on top of its game!”

- Brian Wilson, President, Wilson Advertising 

Ace Hackware 

ACE Hackware, a fun little e-commerce shop and blog for lock pickers, ethical hackers and social engineers, was created by long-time penetration tester and hacking countermeasures instructor, Taylor Banks, with the help of a close-knit group of hacker friends who know exactly what you need to perform professional penetration tests, physical security audits and social engineering jobs.  Taylor Banks is a security geek, educator, and pentester turned entrepreneur with a flair for gadgetry. Essentially, Ace Hackware is the resource he wishes  would have existed when he was a penetration tester by day.

“BringShare is the only tool I’ve found to effectively integrate everything.”

“As the chief cook and bottle washer at ACE Hackware, I wear a lot of hats. Trying to manage my website, tweak my site for SEO, juggle a half dozen social media accounts and pay attention to is a PITA, not to mention managing vendor and customer relationships and dealing with fulfillment. BringShare is the only tool I’ve found able to effectively integrate my keyword analysis, social media campaigns and traffic data into a single pane of glass to help me focus on the marketing that is actually making me money.”

- Taylor Banks, Creator & Principal Hacktologist, Ace Hackware

One Productions 

One Productions creates astounding media in video, design, digital and print to connect with clients and their clients chosen audiences. It is an Integrated Communications Agency which will provide you with the strategy, communications and results you need to achieve your goals.

“BringShare gives me what I need without having to wade through the not-so-vital.”

“What we love about bringshare is that it brings all the vital bits you need to know for SEO and digital campaigns together without having to wade through the not-so-vital.”

- Tom Hopkins, Owner, One Productions

Cynthia Occelli - Author  

Cynthia Occelli is a popular blogger, life coach, and motivational speaker who empowers women. She has studied wisdom teachings for nearly two decades and also has a law degree. She shows women how to create the lives they want using feminine power, instead of trying to be a “better man”.

“BringShare simplifies my marketing.”

“I am always feeding my social media platform and my MailChimp list. really helps me learn how I can help my readers by giving them more of what they want. The problem has always been managing all the information and trying to see whether it’s consistent. BringShare simplifies the process and saves me a ton of time so I can take off the nerd hat.”

Cynthia Occelli  



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