May 20, 2014

The New Email Dashboard Featuring MailChimp

You’ve got easier email reports. 

Take a look at the sections below to see what the MailChimp email dashboard can do to make your reporting a breeze.

Total Email Performance

 The Total Email Performance table gives you a view of your combined campaign data.  Add Google to your campaigns to get additional metrics like sales and conversions.

Overview Tab

Want to see it broken down further? We’ve got you covered. Each email campaign is broken down by key metrics from MailChimp as well as a few additional metrics from Google .

Email Comparison Tab

See how each campaign stacks up against the others with our beautiful comparison charts.


Performance Funnel Tab

A perfect way to scope the flow of your email campaigns is to use the performance funnels tab. This report shows you a comparison of how each email performed in a funnel visualization.

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