May 16, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) Break-Even CPC & Simple Landing Page Testing – Search Engine Watch

Marketers continuously seek ways to improve their campaign strategies. If you’re looking to improve on your AdWords performance, one place to look is to your conversion rate. Finding out what your break-even CPC is can help you begin to understand when and where changes need to be made to help you increase profits. Read the article here

2) 5 Reliable Ways to Use Content as a Referral Tool – Copyblogger

When creating content to improve your SEO strategies it will be helpful to also consider it as a source for referrals. Build content to develop strategic relationships that will drive referrals. This article provides five great ways to use content to improve referrals. Read the article here

3) SEO Client Retention Tips: 7 Mistakes I’ve Made That You Shouldn’t – Search Engine Journal

You want your client to trust in your work and that you will be able to provide the results expected for their business. Avoiding mistakes that could cause them to lose trust is important. Not making the seven mistakes provided in this article will help you to retain your customers and continue to keep their trust. Read the article here

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