May 30, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) 5 Reasons to Include Polling in Your Social Media Strategy – Search Engine Watch

Using polls can be a great way of engaging with your customers and better understanding their needs. Using social media to implement them can help to better reach your customers and receive great feedback. Read this article for five reasons to include polling into your social media marketing strategy. Read the article here

2) 7 Mistakes E-Commerce Retailers Make When Advertising with Google Shopping – Search Engine Journal

Product Listing Ads can put your product in front of the right consumers. It’s key, however, to ensure that your placing the most relevant ads and that you understand how frequently to display them. Read about the seven mistakes to avoid when advertising with PLA’s.  Read the article here

3) 2 Essential Elements for Getting Started with Content Marketing – Content Marketing Institute

Getting started with a content marketing strategy can be overwhelming. It’s important to understand where to begin to build a successful content marketing plan.  Starting with the basics can help set you in the right direction. This article provides two key steps to help you with that. Read the article here

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