March 21, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) Video Helps Persuade 73% of People to Buy a Product or Service [Survey] – Search Engine Watch

Engaging with your customers is important. Videos can be a strong way to introduce your company to customers as a valuable source of information. The survey shows that more customers are relying on videos to gain information to make their buying decisions. Read this article to learn more about the findings of this survey on video usage. Read the article here

2) How to do SEO for Local Business, WITHOUT Content Marketing – Search Engine Watch

Content marketing is growing and becoming a larger part of SEO strategy, but you can still make SEO progress without content. There are certainly ways to tackle improving your SEO position, even as a local business without solely focusing on including content. This article provides good direction to follow to do this with a number of ways to improve, such as finding an alternative to content that can still engage your customers. Read the article here

3) The Incomplete Google Ranking Signals, Part 1 – SEO by the Sea

Having an understanding of how Google determines rankings is necessary in developing a strong SEO campaign strategy. The article provides great signals for Google rankings as well as compiled patents and papers surrounding Google ranking strategy. Read the article to see what SEO ranking knowledge you can learn. Read the article here

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