January 27, 2012

Top Marketing Articles for the Week of Jan 23, 2012

BringShare brings together stories that you cannot miss from last week:

10 Tips for Building a Strong Online Community Around Your Startup 

Mashable launched an article that does a great job of compiling the 10 of the top approaches to building your online presence. Summary of the advice: Start by taking a (1) Look before you leap, (2) Get to know your users, (7) Connect and help your community members, and finally, (10) Track everything.


Facebook Timeline and What Marketers Need to Know

Facebook’s announced this past Tuesday that their Timeline feature will no longer be an option in 7 days. Though Timeline is currently limited to users personal profiles, Facebook is changing the way consumers view content, which has  direct implications on marketers. Social Media Examiner did a great job of getting into the details in this post.

The key takeaway: Continue to focus on meaningful brand interactions. The new design forces out “fluffy” content and only displays content that promoted true interaction. That means you  need to create content that is relevant and entices your followers to share or comment.

Social Media Timing: Should You Tweet Morning, Noon or Night?

Twitter is incredibly simple for a brand to use and allows a 140-character insight to spread like wildfire in seconds. It’s difficult to know what content that will intrigue users will be, but one thing is certain: If your content is displayed for no one to see, nothing will happen.

DreamGrow, a social media marketing blog, posted an Infographic this week that explores “The Science of Social Timing”.  Key findings showed that the best time to tweet is midweek or on the weekend, the highest percentage of user retweets peaks at about 5pm, while content sharing on Facebook peaks before that at noon and a Facebook post every-other day will keep your “likes” at a high rate.

This is a great article to get some specific insight into optimizing your social presence, but the implications are universal. You  should curate your content around the user -which includes presenting it to them when they have the time and ability to use it and you should constantly be striving to work smarter, not harder in all aspects of your company. But you already knew that didn’t you -you’re a BringShare member.


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