Marketers are People Too

Stop Doing Work “BringShare Bots” Can Do

Do you ever get the feeling that you are spending half of your time doing robotic data aggregation, analysis and report formatting?

Wouldn’t it be nice to generate Internet marketing reports to know what is going on with your SEO program, Paid Search campaigns, Website Performance and Social Media efforts with only 60 seconds worth of effort?

Introducing BringShare reports for marketers. With BringShare internet marketing reports, you’ll…

…always Know Your Numbers When Asked (no embarrassing moments).

Ever sat in a meeting and been asked about an important metric that you couldn’t provide because you hadn’t spent 60 minutes in Google and Adwords prior?

With BringShare, you can have all your high-level data open on your smart phone or tablet for quick access to all important metrics like visitor growth, organic traffic, paid search ROI, and much more.

For those marketers with great short term memories, spending 5 minutes looking at BringShare prior to a meeting ensures you have all these metrics top of mind.

…create internet marketing reports easier than ever.

Don’t you love exporting data from multiple places, putting it in a universal format, using Excel to create charts, pasting charges into PowerPoint and generating pdfs? Oh the insanity!

With the BringShare reporting functionality for marketers, you can easily customize a report and send to various stakeholders in your organization. The reports look awesome and so will you and your team.

…save tons of time.

Sure, doing a deep dive in your Google and Adwords accounts is necessary at different times for different marketers. However, there are a lot of times in between these data digging sessions when you just need the bird’s eye view. BringShare gives you the big picture with one-login and an easy to understand visual interface with automated charts and graphs.