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BringShare replaces manual reporting and provides your clients with a value-added resource for monitoring their marketing performance data anytime anywhere. With automated data integrations and the ability to create and publish custom reports, there is nothing else that streamlines client reporting like BringShare.

Key Benefits to Your Agency

Save Time

Stop wasting time manually creating marketing status reports for clients

Save Money

Stop wasting money having your smart employees perform robotic tasks


Demonstrate your focus on performance metrics by providing great looking, comprehensive reports

Stand Out

Differentiate yourself during the selling process by offering a white-label version of BringShare providing 24/7 access to client performance data

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Key Benefits to Your Clients

  • Provides them the ability to see high level performance data anytime from any computer or mobile device
  • All of their data is updated everyday with no manual effort from anyone
  • Gives them access to personalized interactive dashboards

BringShare White-Label Solution

  • BringShare can be white-labeled to represent your agency on all reports
  • Publish interactive dashboards with your logo
Is BringShare worth it
  1. How many hours a month does your team spend creating and sending reports to clients? What does this cost your organization each month?
  2. What are your costs to support the antiquated reporting technology you use now?
  3. Will providing BringShare to clients help increase retention?
  4. Will providing BringShare help differentiate you in the selling process by demonstrating your focus on measured performance?

BringShare for Agencies White Label

Replace the BringShare brand with your own to constantly remind your clients of your brand and the importance you place on results.

Agency Branded Dashboards
Replace the BringShare logo with your agency logo everywhere it appears in BringShare

Your Own Agency White Label URL
Replace the BringShare URL with youragency.reportingplace.com

White Label Internet Marketing Reports
Generate digital marketing reports with your agency branding, including the:

  • Master Internet Marketing Dashboard Report
  • Paid Search Dashboard Report
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Dashboard Report
  • Social Media Marketing Dashboard Report
Unbranded BringShare Paid Search Dashboard Summary Analytics Ecomm Agency

Instant Digital Marketing Reporting and Analysis

Use your Internet Marketing Dashboards for analysis and 1-click Internet marketing reports

Publish a Client Marketing Report
Publish a link to any of our internet marketing dashboards to quickly send to your clients

Print a Client Marketing Report
Print one of our internet marketing dashboards to create a digital marketing report with 2 clicks

PDF Your Client Internet Marketing Data
Generate a PDF of your internet marketing data to attach to an email or save for later

Your Client'S Social Media Report Ecomm

Instant Access to your Internet Marketing Data

Master Account Functionality
Quickly and easily toggle between multiple clients through one login

Client Account Logins
Provide your clients with their own login to give them instant access to their data, demonstrating your commitment to measuring and analyzing their digital marketing data

Mobile Access
Log in to your BringShare Agency account from any device to easily view your data anywhere

BringShare On The iPhone

Complete Support & Zero Risk

Personal Account Training & Setup
We’re here to help until you’re 100% comfortable with all aspects of the your reporting dashboards

Seamless Client Setup
Work with us as we set up your accounts for you, or set up your clients on your own -anytime

Complete Support
We are with you every step of the way –not just setup

Zero Risk
Pay month-to-month and cancel anytime

UnBranded BringShare Sign Up Page

View all of your vital SEO, Paid Search and Social Media analytics in one place

The Master Dashboard

Master Dash

Give your clients the gift of clarity with access to a concise overview of all of their digital marketing channels in one place.

  • View key bottom-line website metrics segmented by marketing channel to understand how channels are performing as a whole
  • Replace Google Analytics confusion with a simple, easy-to-understand dashboard with a “Grand Total” that matches Google Analytics
  • Easily compare and contrast SEO, Social Media, Paid Search and Email Marketing Performance analytics side-by-side
  • Explore actionable analytics through trending graphs that show you and your client the progress you have achieved
  • Print, PDF or Publish a report of all of your data with a single click

The Paid Search Dashboard

Paid Search Dash

Wow your client with the most comprehensive, easy-to-understand Paid Search Reporting that they have ever seen

  • Instantly report on your Paid Search campaigns with the click of a button that includes data from AdWords, Bing Ads and Google Analytics
  • Quickly view your Return on Investment, Cost per Acquisition, Conversion Rate and other key metrics without a second of manual calculation on your part
  • Segment by search network and display network, or show your paid search results as a whole

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Dashboard

Seo Dash

Show your clients which SEO keywords are driving bottom-line results, where Search Engine opportunities exist, and the true overall impact of your optimization efforts.

  • Publish, PDF or Print your Search Engine Optimization dashboard to create an SEO Report for any date range –in seconds
  • Track the progress your agency is providing your client with keyword trend graphs
  • Showcase the top keywords driving visits and sales
  • View your client’s key SEO metrics in seconds – ROI, CPA, Conversion Rate and more

The Social Media Dashboard

Social Media Dash

Provide your clients with an answer to the ever-present question: Is Social Media Marketing worth my time and money?

  • Provide your client with their Social Media ROI, CPA, Conversion Rate, Total Sales/Conversions and more with a single click
  • Understand which social media networks drive the most traffic, the highest amount of revenue/conversions and the highest per visit value
  • Compare the value of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace and more through trending graphs and charts
  • Present your client with a Social Media Marketing Report with a single click

The Email Dashboard

Email Dash

With a complete view of your MailChimp data, the email dashboard will be a great tool for showing your clients:

  • An overview of each campaigns performance
  • The top campaign performers for each metric and how the rest compare
  • Our email funnel that spot areas of improvement and ideas for new campaigns
  • Combined dashboard data in the custom report builder for a full marketing report

BringShare for Agencies White Label Features and Functionality

Dedicated internet marketing dashboards for each of your clients
View all of your vital SEO, Paid Search and Social Media analytics in one place.

Instant Reporting
Print, PDF or Publish a report of all of your client’s essential Internet marketing data with a single click.

The entire platform branded as your agency
Constantly remind your clients of your brand and the importance you place on results.

Personal account training & setup
We’re here to help until you’re 100% comfortable with all aspects of your reporting dashboards.

Your agency-branded URL
Send clients to youragency.reportingplace.com.

Master agency account access
Quickly and easily toggle between multiple clients through one login and a simple drop-down.

Individual account logins
Provide your clients with 24/7 access to their analytics.

A white label login page
Instant access to analytics for you and your clients.

Seamless client sign up
Work with us, or set up your clients on your own -anytime.

Complete support
We are with you every step of the way -not just setup.

Zero risk
Pay month-to-month & cancel anytime