July 31, 2012

Learn more about BringShare White Label Marketing Reporting Software

Thanks for visiting our humble little blog.  Below, you’ll find two options for learning how BringShare can help you. Choose your own adventure…

OPTION 1: LIVE DEMO - Learn How to Take Your Reporting To a Pain-free New Level

Interested in learning how BringShare can simplify and improve your client reports? Reserve your spot in one of our upcoming live demos with CEO and Cofounder, Justin Spring.

Topics Covered

  • How BringShare will replace your painful and time-consuming reporting process
  • See the SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Email and Website Performance Dashboards in action with live data
  • Learn how all the data is pulled together and displayed without any manual involvement from you or your team
  • View the Agency version of BringShare and how you can manage all your client accounts with one login
  • Ask as many questions as you like


OPTION 2: Personal Demo

Ready to get started now? Fill out our Agency Info Request and we’ll get everything set up for you!

4 Responses to “Learn more about BringShare White Label Marketing Reporting Software”

  1. Dan DelMain says:


    Was recommended by a friend to check out your tools. I was thinking about test driving a group demo but I wanted to get an idea of agency pricing joining a demo. Currently, we have about 15 clients who engage us in seo/sm/ppc. Can you give me a range or breakdown?


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the question Dan! We’re excited you’re checking out our marketing dashboards . There are currently two ways to leverage BringShare. You can get our full dashboards for each client at $19/month, or you can pay on an “A la Carte” dashboard basis, only paying for the dashboards you are interested in. The SEO Dashboard is $10/month, the Paid Search Dashboard is $4.90/month and the Social Media Dashboard is $4.90/month as well.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me directly! Again, we’re excited that you’re checking out BringShare!

      [email protected]

  2. ROI4my.com says:


    Love the concept here and want to consider this for my clients too. But I don’t know that you answered Dan’s question Suzy. So let’s say he has 10 clients and he wants to offer the SEO dashboard to each. That would be $100 a month for the agency white labeled version? Also, is it possible to mix and match? Meaning, if I have a PPC client I can pay for only the Paid Search dashboard for them and others for others?



    • admin says:

      My apologies for any lack of clarity Chris! Our “A la Carte” dashboards do allow you to mix and match on a dashboard and client level. That means you can have any combination of marketing dashboards for any number of clients.

      If you want to do 10 SEO Dashboards -you’re correct, that would be $100/month (10 SEO Dashboards * $10/dashboard).

      If you would like 9 SEO Dashboards and 1 Paid Search Dashboard, that would be $94.90/month and those dashboards can be distributed to your clients however you would like. It could be:
      - 9 clients (8 SEO-only clients and 1 client both Paid Search and SEO)
      - 10 clients (9 SEO-only clients and 1 Paid Search-only client.

      Does that help?


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