October 15, 2012

Master Your with The New Master Dashboard

Have you ever spent 20 minutes in Google and thought to yourself, “ugh… I really wish there was an easy way to quickly see where all my traffic is coming from and what marketing efforts are paying off the most?”

If you have, then this one’s for you…

The new Master Dashboard gives you ALL your important website TOTALS in one place as well as your specific marketing effort data. This way, with a quick glance,  you can see the source of your traffic and conversions as well as the grand total.

We’ve also added the “Total Visitor Engagement” bar at the top of the dashboard so you’ll always know the 3 most important engagement metrics on your site: Bounce Rate, Pages per Visit and Time On Site.

If you haven’t tried BringShare recently, give it another try. Sign up free for 30 days.

2 Responses to “Master Your with The New Master Dashboard”

  1. I thought Google was Free. If you are replacing it, why is your $29 a month- which I think is a lot, by the way- looks great, but seems expensive.

    Are you part of Google or a separate company?

    Let me know. thanks. Linda

    • admin says:

      Hey Linda! Google is free, but it can be quite confusing to a lot of people. They also do not display the full picture or your marketing channel side-by-side and they do not pull in all of the that we do.

      At BringShare, we pull all of your digital marketing data together -from Google , Google AdWords, 3rd Party SEO tools, Facebook, Twitter and your third party email tool. Pulling all of your together into a single place allows you to view your full digital marketing picture in a few convenient marketing dashboards.

      Our pricing is $19/month, which includes a host of extra features Google does not provide. We have single-click internet marketing reports that can be easily generated to send (for any date range). We also aggregate all of your & spends to provide you with every statistic you need on how your digital marketing is performing -and the return you are receiving for those investments. Our automatic ROI, CPA and Conversion Rate calculator allows you to add any additional costs you have on a monthly basis and then BringShare takes it from there -doing all of the time-consuming manual calculation for you (for any date range). You are able, at any given time, to log in to BringShare and understand how each of your digital marketing channels are performing without any manual calculation at all. This is not something you can get easily from Google without creating some spreadsheets and putting forth a decent amount of manual effort first. We understand that your time is money, so we work to ensure you can spend your time in the most efficient way possible!