April 23, 2012

Optimized Email Marketing - Made Easy

Ever wondered how the emails you sent last month impacted your business? Or how you can optimize your future email marketing? Well we have those answers and more in one wonderful dashboard. BringShare’s email dashboard allows you to easily make smarter decisions when it comes to email marketing.

Here’s a quick overview of the different components of the BringShare email marketing dashboard:

Total Email Performance

The “Total Email Performance” at the top of your email dashboard gives you an overview of how your emails have impacted your business during any date range. You can see, among other things, the total number of opens, clicks, forwards, average time on site, and sales. This is the first step to understanding all your email marketing efforts and how successful they have been.

Compare your Emails in One Place

The “Compare My Emails” box allows you to quickly and easily compare emails sent during a specific time period side by side in table form. It lists all emails sent during the selected date range including the Google data that’s associated with each email. This gives you the full picture of your email marketing lifecycle, from email send to purchase/website conversion. You can then select up to 5 emails to populate BringShare email comparison graphs.

Email Marketing Comparison Graphs

This is where BringShare brings it all together. You can easily compare up to five emails of your choice side by side in graph form, allowing you to view key email marketing metrics such as opens, clicks, click through rates and even sales/conversions generated from those emails.

Funnel Diagrams

One of the most beneficial aspects of the BringShare Email Marketing Dashboard is getting to see total end-to-end performance of each email sent through our funnel diagrams. You can see the path of your emails from delivery all the way to sales/conversions. These diagrams show you the percentage of opens, clicks and conversions of each email. The conclusions from these diagrams are pretty rad:

  • Emails that had the highest percentage of opens had the best subject line
  • Emails that had the highest percentage of clicks had the best content or offer
  • Emails with the highest percentage of conversions (transactions) had the best landing page and held the most relevant to email content.

The best part about all this data is that you can combine this information to build a highly optimized, targeted email campaign with the best results!

Learn more and see the BringShare Email Marketing Dashboard in action in this video:

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