May 31, 2012

BringShare Member Spotlight: Applaud Social

We love and care about our BringShare Members, which is why we love hearing their stories. Applaud Social is a near and dear BringShare Member that helps you “punch above your weight with smart marketing”. How do they do that?

They use BringShare. 

We have a lot of digital marketing agencies that use BringShare Dashboards to analyze and report on digital marketing efforts and we wanted to take the time to showcase one of our great members. For this BringShare Member Spotlight, we interviewed Travis Street, the Director of Applaud Social. Learn more about who Applaud Social is and what they do below:

What is is the front facing shop window into our digital agency. We like to rebuild the site every couple of months to fit with best practice on the web (and just because we like to code!).

Why did you create Applaud Social?

Applaud Social is a new type of digital agency that is run by a team who’ve dealt with the old stoic style of marketing agency and realised that they were going extinct. We subscribe to the lean startup methodology of how a company needs to continually evolve and learn from previous efforts and adapt on the fly. This not only gives us the competitive edge as we can integrate new tools and services (like BringShare) within days, but gives our clients the advantage over their static rivals because we help them to evolve too.

What services do you provide?

We provide website design, application development, on-site SEO, keyword analysis and strategy, the running of PPC campaigns, social media marketing (strategy and community management), and email marketing. All the things that BringShare analyses!

What do you think the most important pieces of data are to measure?

We only work with goal-orientated conversion metrics. So that’s why BringShare is so important to us. It’s all well and good converting 200% of our targets, but we like to put a price tag on each of those converted customers to make it absolutely transparent how much the client’s cost per acquisition was. It helps our clients plan their budgets more accurately.

How do you use BringShare?

We use BringShare to get an accurate view of our online marketing campaigns at a glance. We can immediately see what is working and which areas need tweaking or improvement. Then we can delve deeper in our or keyword research to makes those adjustments. Since we’re constantly trying to improve the way we work, BringShare gives us an unparalleled view of all of our efforts. It’s a huge time saver for both our internal team and our client’s teams. Because we value transparency, we give all of our clients access to their BringShare account so they can login and see their campaigns unfolding.

What do you find most rewarding from your work?

We enjoy charging our clients realistic prices for above average service. We’re not one of those agencies that just stick a finger in the air and guesses at how much things will cost. We don’t like those guys.

What’s your favorite part of digital marketing?

The ever-changing landscape of the internet. It’s anything but boring!

What are the main digital components that you focus on with clients?

We know that getting found is the most important thing for our clients and that once found, they need an impressive website. So we leverage social media to help our clients get found, and then deliver a beautiful website to help them convert customers.


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