June 20, 2012

The ULTIMATE Paid Search Dashboard is Now Live! Understand all key PPC metrics and identify trends easily with BringShare

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a paid search campaign with Adwords is sorting through a sea of thousands of data points across a boatload of different screens. You feel like you’re drowning in data. Well, have no fear! BringShare is here with a personal rescue boat: The new BringShare Paid Search Dashboard.

Our new paid search dashboard gives you a complete perspective on all your paid search data from Adwords and Google -combining them into beautiful charts and graphs. With this new dashboard, you will save hours of time each week that you typically use trying to make sense of your data. So stop treading water and use your time to provide better strategy to your clients. Check out some of the features below that we feel make the biggest splash:


ROI and CPA Calculator

Understanding your true ROI or Cost Per Acquisition/Conversion (CPA) can be manual and time consuming. BringShare automates this process for paid search. Simply enter the amount of money you spend each month for paid search management and BringShare will combine that with your cost for clicks and give you a true ROI and CPA updated every day.

Call Tracking Data

There are many occasions where a visitor from paid search may pick up a phone and call you instead of completing a form online. When this happens, you’ll want to make sure you track that as a conversion and attribute it to your Adwords campaign. Otherwise, your ROI, CPA and Conversion Rate will not be completely accurate. BringShare allows you to export your call data from your call tracking vendor and upload that data into your paid search dashboard giving you truly accurate metrics.

Print and Save to PDF

Easily print your Paid Search Dashboard or save to a PDF to share with others.

Total Paid Search Performance Section

This top section of the dashboard makes it easy to see all the key metrics associated with your paid search campaign separated into three boxes: performance data, conversion data and sales.

Top 20 Campaigns

The Top 20 Campaigns section shows which campaigns had the most conversions. If there aren’t 20 campaigns that have conversions, the rest of the list will be populated by campaigns with the most clicks. This gives you an understanding of which campaigns are having the most impact.


 Top 20 Adgroups

This section provides the same data as the Top 20 Campaigns but presents the data at an Adgroup level so it is easy to understand which Adgroups are having the most impact.



The Trends Tab visualizes 9 key metrics so you can easily identify performance trends in seconds.


The trend graphs also include:

  • Conversions and Conversion Rate
  • Clicks and Clickthrough Rate
  • Spend and Cost Per Conversion
  • Paid Search Traffic Bounce Rate
  • Paid Search Traffic Time on Site
  • Paid Search Traffic Pages Per Visit

Top 20 Keywords by Conversions

This tab of your Paid SEarch Dashboard provides a list of the keywords generating the most conversions.


Phone Tracking Tab

The “Phone” dashboard is an easy way to view which phone conversions took place during any date range.

It’s never been easier to keep an eye on your paid search performance data and identify areas for improvement. If you are an agency or Adwords consultant, the Paid Search Dashboard is a great way to automate reporting for your clients.

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